We’ve finished the second day of our Rogers Explorers camp at Lindsey Wilson College!

Our scholars began their day by splitting into their major courses: communication and biology. In their communication class, students learned about the importance of communicating as a team to achieve a goal. Dr. Benson Sexton, professor of communication at Lindsey Wilson College, gave the students challenging activities to force them to work as a team. They were taught how good communication is vital in every industry. In their biology class, students examined their own cheek cells and microorganisms found in pond water under microscopes with Tabitha Ellis, professor of biology at Lindsey Wilson College.

After their major courses, our Rogers Explorers participated in teambuilding exercises with Laura Burwash, the Director of Career Services at Lindsey Wilson College. They learned to build their leadership and communication skills through challenging activities.

We ended the afternoon with a live video conference with Dr. Tracie Prater, a former Hazard, Kentucky resident and current mechanical engineer for NASA at the Marshall Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Our scholars got the chance to ask Dr. Prater questions about her career as an engineer, about space, and how she built her impressive career.

Our Rogers Explorers ended their busy day with games and an ice cream party!

We can’t wait for more fun tomorrow!