We’ve finished the second day of our Rogers Explorers camp at the University of the Cumberlands!

Our scholars began their day by splitting into their major courses: astronomy, biology, and chemistry. In their astronomy class, students learned about the phases of the moon, constellations, and the yearly changes of our night sky. Students were able to view the routine changes of the stars, sun, and moon in a planetarium with Dr. Lawernece Newquist, professor of physics at the University of the Cumberlands. Using flashlights and styrofoam balls, students were able to point out constellations and simulate the phases of the moon themselves.

In their chemistry course, students learned about polymers with Mr. Jeff Schwarz, professor of chemistry at the University of the Cumberlands. They synthesized nylon polymers and made “silly putty” and polyurethane “cupcakes”.

In their biology course, students studied the DNA. To do this, Dr. Andrew Hockert, professor of biology at the University of the Cumberlands led them in extracting and examining the DNA of strawberries.

We ended the afternoon with a live video conference with Dr. Tracie Prater, a former Hazard, Kentucky resident and current mechanical engineer for NASA at the Marshall Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Our scholars got the chance to ask Dr. Prater questions about her career as an engineer, about space, and how she built her impressive career.

Our Rogers Explorers ended their busy day with games and an ice cream party!

We can’t wait for more fun tomorrow!