Day five of our Rogers Scholars camp at Lindsey Wilson College!

Our Scholars began their day with more time learning about engineering, healthcare, and civic engagement.

In their engineering major, Scholars studied mechanical engineering. They built LEGO robots with small engines and raced them.

In their healthcare major, Scholars learned the ins and outs of a cardiopulmonary operating room. They observed a live surgery. They also spoke with an Emergency Room Nurse about the endoscopy and viewed the catheterization lab.

In their civic engagement major, Rogers Scholars learned about how state and local government work together from Dr. Bruce Hicks, a political science professor at the University of the Cumberlands.

Our Scholars heard from Dr. Dean Adams, Vice President for Student Services and Enrollment Management at Lindsey Wilson College. He spoke to students on leadership.

Our Scholars enjoyed a live video conference with Dr. Tracie Prater, a former Hazard, Kentucky resident and current materials engineer for NASA at the Marshall Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Our scholars got the chance to ask Dr. Prater questions about her career as an engineer, about space, and how she built her impressive career.

Rogers Scholars ended their day by volunteering in the Adair County Community Garden. Scholars pulled weeds, planted vegetables, and prepared land plots for future gardens. Students were led by Dr. Michael Bosela, professor of biology at Lindsey Wilson College.

That’s the end of our final day!

Thank you for a great week, Scholars!