Day four of our Rogers Scholars camp at Lindsey Wilson College!

This morning, our Scholars got the chance to hear from Natalie Vickous, the Director of Civic Engagement and Student Leadership at Lindsey Wilson College. She spoke to the students about becoming leaders on their college campus, and the Bonner Scholars Program at Lindsey Wilson College.

Next, our Scholars heard from Danielle Smoot, Communication Director for the office of Congressman Hal Rogers. She spoke to them about a program that Congressman Rogers is very passionate about, The Congressional Award.

Our Scholars also heard from Dr. Carol Christian, Director of the Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics at Morehead State University. She spoke to our Scholars about all the ways they can make a difference in their hometowns in Kentucky. She shared information about Craft Academy at Morehead State University and Gatton Academy at Western Kentucky University.

After lunch, our Scholars split into their major courses: healthcare, engineering, and civic engagement.

In their engineering course, students were taught about the different types of engineering, what engineers do, and how important they are to society. Dr. Bruce Walcott, Electrical and Computer Engineering professor at the University of Kentucky, led the students in different activities where they got to practice and learn the same problem solving and critical thinking skills that engineers use daily in their careers. Students also created an idea for a new product and used 3D pens to create a prototype for their product.

As part of their healthcare major, students visited Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital in Somerset, Kentucky. They spoke with a physical therapist and learned about different rehabilitation services offered at the hospital. They were shown different types of bacteria and viruses, they visited a blood bank and hematology unit, and got the chance to view a gallstone after being removed from a patient. They visited the radiology department where they got to witness an ultrasound. Scholars also learned how to suture from a surgeon at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital.

As part of their civic engagement major, Scholars received presentations from local civic leaders and government officials. Senator Max Wise, Greensburg Mayor Lisle Cheatam, and former Secretary of State Trey Grayson spoke to the students on their local and state governments.

After dinner, Rogers Scholars participated in a community service project. Scholars decorated t-shirts and made fleece blankets. T-shirts will be donated to the Lake Cumberland Children’s Advocacy Center in Russell Springs, Kentucky. Fleece blankets will be donated to the J.O.Y. Ministries Center in Columbia, Kentucky.

Our Rogers Scholars ended their night with some leisure time and games!

More learning in our majors to come tomorrow!