Day one of our Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute! Ninth, tenth and eleventh-grade students are spending five days at The Center for Rural Development in Somerset, Kentucky.

When students arrived at The Center for Rural Development, they participated in getting-to-know-you activities and games to get to know their fellow ELI Scholars better.

Thank you to Zaxby’s of Somerset for donating lunch to our ELI Scholars!

After lunch, students were led by Kim Gardner with Class 101 Eastern Kentucky through their DISC Behavioral Assesment. Students completed the DISC Behavior Assessment before coming to the program, and Kim helped them dissect their results.

Ann Despain & Melony Denham with E-Discovery put the students into teams and led them in fun, interactive exercises to get them thinking like an entrepreneur.

After dinner, ELI students spent time with their team members getting to know each other a little bit better.

Students ended their day with some leisure time and games! More learning and fun to come tomorrow!