Dear Explorer:

The time is fast approaching when you will be joining us on the campus of Morehead State University, and we are very excited as that date nears! This packet of information is designed to provide you with all the information you need in order to be prepared for your time with us.


All Rogers Explorers are responsible for transportation to and from the program. Your first order of business upon arriving in Morehead on Sunday is to check in at Alumni Tower on campus.  Check-in is from 2:00-2:45 pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME. Once you check in, you will receive your dorm room keys, and you and your parents will have until 2:45 pm to take your belongings to your dorm room. At 3:00 pm, we ask everyone to be at the Space Science Center, and we will kick off the program for all Explorers and their families in Star Theater. At the conclusion of this overview (approximately 3:30 pm), parents and families will depart, and the Rogers Explorers Program will be underway.

Explorer-Family Communication:

In case of an emergency, your family may contact me on my cell phone at (606) 307-0561.

 Dress Code/What to Bring:

Dress for this camp is casual. Explorers will be doing a community service project on the first evening, so I would recommend wearing comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty….or at least bring some older tennis shoes and shorts with you for this event. We will be doing the service project at the Campus Farm so please plan on getting somewhat dirty. Have your child bring bug spray or sunscreen if needed.

Explorers will be provided a Rogers Explorers t-shirt that is royal blue with silver imprint and will be worn all day on Tuesday and during graduation. We ask that you please wear khaki pants or khaki shorts for graduation, although you may choose to wear other pants or shorts throughout the day on Tuesday. We will be walking a lot on campus, so I would recommend comfortable shoes, such as tennis shoes. Morehead State University will also provide you with a t-shirt. The shirts are a variety of colors and can be worn on Monday. On Monday evening, Explorers will have the chance to swim in the recreation center so please pack a swim suit and towel.

Since all your meals, lodging, and activities are paid for, you need very little money – only for vending machine snacks or other small incidentals. We will be staying in dorm rooms on campus, so you will need to bring your own shower supplies (soap, shampoo, towels, wash cloths, flip-flops, etc). You will also need to bring linens for your twin-size bed (sheets, blankets, pillow, etc). There are no refrigerators in the dorm rooms, but you are welcome to bring snacks that do not require refrigeration.

Electronic Devices/Personal Items:

The use of electronic games, personal audio devices, tablets, etc. is limited to the Explorer’s dorm room. Even so, students are solely responsible for the personal items they bring and are strongly discouraged from bringing unnecessary items. If you do choose to bring any of these items, you must remember to leave them in your dorm room and do so at your own risk. Cell phones are allowed; however, THEY CANNOT be used during an activity, speaker, or major. The Center cannot be responsible for these items while on campus.

Graduation/Presentation to Parents/Departure

On Tuesday afternoon, the program will conclude with a graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony also includes a presentation by the Explorers on all the things they have participated in and learned throughout the week. Parents and families are invited and encouraged to attend this culmination of the Rogers Explorers’ experience.

Parents and families may begin arriving at 3:45 pm EST and proceed directly to Star Theater located on campus. The ceremony will begin at 4:00 pm and is scheduled to end by 5:00 pm. Immediately after graduation you will proceed to your dorms with your parents to check out.


If you or your parents have any questions about the Rogers Explorers Program or anything included in this information packet, please feel free to call me at (606) 677-6000. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am–5:00 pm. You can also e-mail me at

 We hope you are as excited about the program as we are. We have a full schedule of fun-filled, challenging activities planned for you and look forward to meeting you very soon!


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