2018 Rogers Scholar Kennedy Trusty surprises students at Morgan Central Elementary School with a holiday party and gifts.

Christmas was a little brighter for 24 students at Morgan Central Elementary School who may not have received gifts this season if it were not for 2018 Rogers Scholar Kennedy Trusty.

Trusty, a junior at Morgan County High School and a graduate of The Center for Rural Development’s Rogers Scholars program, created a GoFundMe page on Facebook to raise money to purchase Christmas gifts for children in need in Morgan County.

She coordinated the Rogers Scholars community service project through the school’s Family Resource Center and planned a celebration program to surprise the children with Christmas gifts.

The elementary students were treated to a visit with Santa, enjoyed cookies and snacks, made holiday crafts, and finally opened their Christmas gifts.

“This project meant so much to me because I’ve always been interested in helping kids in need,” Trusty said. “It meant so much to see the kids so excited to open their presents. I know they will remember this Christmas forever.”

The high school student purchased Christmas gifts (valued at $500) for 24 students served by the Morgan Central Elementary School Family Resource Center.

“I was so blessed to play a small part,” said family resource director Brittany Keeton. “Thank you Kennedy for blessing these babies! I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of these kids Christmas.”

Trusty, daughter of Chris and Kristi Trusty of West Liberty, said she would not have been able to carry out the project without the help of her parents and the school’s family resource director.