Julia Fitzpatrick put the entrepreneurial skills she learned as a Rogers Scholar to work organizing a fundraiser for the Jessamine County Homeless Coalition.

Fitzpatrick, a 2018 graduate of The Center for Rural Development’s Rogers Scholars program, decided to make and sell handcrafted bracelets to raise money Jessamine County Homeless Coalition.

She purchased supplies and began making and selling the handcrafted bracelets on social media, at school, and during school-related events.

“This project was a great learning experience,” said Fitzpatrick, a junior at East Jessamine High School. “I learned about running a business and managing time between school, sports, volunteering, and this fundraising event.”

Through the sale of her handcrafted bracelets, Fitzpatrick raised $310 for the Jessamine County Homeless Coalition.

“It’s a huge blessing,” said coalition executive director Johnny Templin of the student fundraiser.

“I am extremely glad that I was able to help Jessamine County,” Fitzpatrick said. “Despite only living here for a year and a half, this fundraising project has made me so happy.”

Fitzpatrick is the daughter of Brendan and Eileen Fitzpatrick of Nicholasville.