Students get to know each other during the introductory session with Asbury Adventure Services

Day One of Rogers Explorers at Asbury University is over. Most of the day was spent getting to know each other. After parents said goodbye to their children we walked to the semi-circle green. For the next two hours we work with the Asbury challenge course team on getting to know you activities. Students were brought out of their comfort zone and were ask to share information about themselves, worked together as a team to accomplish goals, and participated in a lot of fund activities that allowed the students to relax in their environment.

Students traveled to Adventure Serve Ministries in Wilmore where they helped the service organization clean up some of the grounds throughout the property. 

After dinner, students traveled to Adventure Serve Ministries where students spent an hour and half cleaning up some of the buildings on the property. Students cleared out various equipment in the facility tabernacle, washed windows and walls in the residence facility and completed much needed landscaping. With 33 people, students were able to get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time.

Next students spent some time in the student center where they met with Asbury admissions team and ate pizza and played games during leisure time. Students were exhausted by the end of the day, but we are ready for tomorrow!

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