Most of the activities for Day Two at Rogers Explorers at Asbury University are over. Today started out with a low ropes challenge and team building activities at The Asbury University Center for Adventure Leadership. Through various activities students learned the importance of effective communication while trying to accomplish a goal as a team. Students ate lunch and then returned to campus for their majors.

Students traveled to the Center for Adventure Leadership to learn about effective communication and teambuilding skills.

In Chemistry, students worked with different chemicals to create different reactions and tested chemicals in a flame to see what color the chemical would burn as.

Students began their majors today. The first major was Chemistry. Students learned about different chemical reactions.

In Coding, student swatted an opening video that described the importance and shortage of jobs in the computer programming field. Then they transitioned into a discussion about terms associated with coding so that it was less intimidating to use the vocal. They ended with doing three programming/coding activities online, one of which was learning how to create their own website using code.

The second major is Coding. Students learned the basics of website building.

After the majors were over, students attended a NASA presentation. Dany Waller, a recent UK graduate, spoke to the students.  She has worked for NASA doing research on magnetic fields on different planets and moons in space for the last two years. She is also the president of the Association for Women in Mathematics and Physics; a NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador, and works for Science 4 Everyone Kentucky. She is now the Director of the Farish Planetarium at the Living Arts and Science Center in Lexington.

Waller spoke to the students about how magnetic fields work, how space affects an astronaut’s body, and the concept of black holes and the space time continuum. She also explained the different career opportunities related to NASA and aerospace manufacturing in Kentucky as well as across the United States.

Dany Waller, Director of the Farish Planetarium and NASA Ambassador gave the students an insight on what it is like to do research on other moons and planets.

Students will end their day with recreation time at the Luce Recreation Center and ice cream with Asbury Admissions. Students will finish out their majors tomorrow and prepare for graduation!

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