Day two at Rogers Explorers at Eastern Kentucky University started out with a session on Homeland Security. Amy Hughes, Director of the Justice and Safety Center spoke to the students about the incidents that shaped Homeland Security and how it got to be what it is today.

After the first major, students learned more about The Center’s other youth programs ELI and Rogers Scholars. Immediately following that session, the students attended their second major – Astronomy and physics. EKU professor Mark Pitts spoke to the students.

Students then had a videoconference with NASA. MIT Grad student Matthew Moraguez, who is currently interning at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama, spoke to the students about what inspired him to go into aerospace engineering and to work for NASA.

Capping off the day, students attended a etiquette dinner sponsored by EKU. Students learned proper table etiquette and the correct way to eat a meal in a professional setting.

The students are ready for tomorrow where they will finish off their majors with chemistry and have graduation.