Explorers started the day off with their different majors.

Group A attended the biology major with Dr. Tabitha Ellis. In biology, they worked on the initial workings of DHA using paper worksheets that they and to cut and tape together and Punnett squares. Students worked with corn cobs to determine Mendelian genetic ratios through examining phenotypes.

Group B attended the community major with Dr. Susan Minton. In communication, they worked in small groups to place 12 nails on top of a single nail, looked at visual illusions to see the same picture from different perspectives, and worked on teambuilding and communication in a tallest tower activity. Students had to work together to build the tallest free standing tower out of limited supplies.

After the first round of majors, students attended a leadership seminar with Dr. Chris Schmidt, the Dean of Students at Lindsey Wilson College. Dr. Schmidt talked to the students about priorities in their lives in relation to leadership. Most students reflected that family, relationships, hope, trust, and honesty were important.

After lunch, students began their second round of majors. Group A went to the Nursing Major with Dr. Emiley Button, while group B went to Biology. In this major they learned how to take blood pressure, measure oxygen in the blood, hot to read a pulse and practiced hands only CPR and the Heimlich.

After the majors, students attended a NASA seminar with Bo Lowery, a JPL ambassador for NASA. Students learned about the different aerospace jobs throughout the state of Kentucky as well as how Kentucky ranks in aerospace imports/exports compared to the rest of the country.

After the NASA presentation, students ate dinner, had a pool party, and later had leisure time with ice cream in the student union building.