Andrew Keith, program manager for Over My Head homeless shelter, congratulates 2018 Rogers Scholar Jase Bruner for organizing a donation drive to provide coats for the shelter.

2018 Rogers Scholar Jase Bruner of Pulaski County recently organized a donation drive to provide coats to Over My Head homeless shelter for his Rogers Scholars community service project.

“I talked with my parents and high school counselors about a need I could serve in the county. So I came up with the idea that we should do a coat drive for the homeless and put a box in the foyer,” said Bruner.

Bruner, a graduate of The Center for Rural Development’s Rogers Scholar program and a senior at Somerset High School, promoted the coat drive through school announcements and a text message that was distributed to the entire school. He estimates that he was able to collect approximately $500 worth of donated coats that will help to serve up to 50 people in the community.

“I’m proud to help my community and people who need it. This project was a way to do that and to help people in need. I’m glad I got to help,” said Bruner.

Bruner is the son of John and Beth Bruner.