When 2018 Rogers Scholar Jane Hall heard about shortage of funds available for youth service centers in Laurel County, she knew she had to help.

Hall, a graduate of The Center for Rural Development’s Rogers Scholars program, decided to launch a donation drive to collect needed items for students served by youth service centers in her community.

“Resource centers have always been greatly needed in my community,” said Hall, a senior at North Laurel High School. “When I heard about the shortage, I knew this was the perfect endeavor for my Rogers Scholars community service project.”

Hall contacted local churches to ask for donations of clothing and school supplies. She collected 136 glue sticks, 115 folders, 160 sticks of deodorant, 55 composition books, 214 notebooks, 148 tubes of Chapstick, and 66 packs of crayons. More than 200 items of clothing also were donated in the community drive.

“We’re so appreciative of what Jane has done for the youth service centers,” said Cindy Durham, director of the youth service center at North Laurel High School. “It’s such a blessing to the students.”

Hall plans to continue to collect donated items for the youth service centers that serve Laurel County.

“Helping out the youth service centers has been an awesome experience,” said Hall. “It gave me the opportunity to apply the leadership skills I learned during my week at the Rogers Scholars program and to work collaboratively with members of my community to help others.”

Hall is the daughter of Michael and Tara Hall of London.