Sarah Lycans, 2018 Rogers Scholar and Lawrence County High School senior, held a basketball training camp for kids as part of her “Believe” project.

2018 Rogers Scholar Sarah Lycans thinks every child should “believe” they can do great things.

Lycans, a graduate of The Center for Rural Development Rogers Scholars program, launched a community service project, called “Believe,” earlier this year to provide opportunities for emotionally, physically, and mentally challenged children to have fun and learn.

She organized a kick-off party with food and games to get kids involved and later followed up the event with a basketball training camp.

At the camp, participants worked on their skills in the morning and played their own basketball game later in the afternoon during halftime of a high school basketball game.

“This project was close to my heart,” said Lycans, a senior at Lawrence County High School. “I wanted to provide kids with opportunities to get involved in activities that they wouldn’t be able to participate in and could actually feel a part of something.”

She partnered with local mental health community-based center, Pathways Inc., on both Believe events.

Lycans is the daughter of Steven and Bianca Lycans of Louisa.