In 2012, Yulia Perevozchikova was a sophomore student at Rowan County High School and a Rogers Scholar with The Center for Rural Development. Today, Yulia is a University of Kentucky graduate and a Strategy Consultant at UK HealthCare.

For the past 23 years, Rogers Scholar Alumni across the Commonwealth have gone on to do great things and impact their communities in many different ways. This includes Yulia.

“My love for the health care field started very early on,” Yulia said. “I was fortunate to have an amazing biology teacher in high school who recognized my passion for science and encouraged me to explore the health care field. After several shadowing experiences, I knew that I wanted to do something in health care. Therefore, I went to the University of Kentucky.”

Yulia began her career at UK HealthCare in May 2019. She received her B.A. in Human Health Sciences and her Master’s in Business Administration.  While in school, she worked with Enterprise Strategy through Project Connect. During that time, she developed a passion for the strategy aspect of healthcare, which led her to her current position at UK HealthCare.

“I have fallen in love with my job,” Yulia said. “I have the amazing opportunity to work with clinicians and administrators to help define the strategic plan for the organization. I would like to see what opportunities there are to grow within strategic planning and possibly one day become the Vice President of Enterprise Strategy…You never know where life may take you. However, it always seems that everything happens at the right time. I went from not being sure what career path I wanted to pursue to being surrounded by a team that truly invests in my professional growth.”

What inspired Yulia the most about the Rogers Scholars program was learning about the importance of serving her community.

“The Rogers Scholars Program was probably one of the most influential experiences in my life,” Yulia said. “Throughout the entire week, we had the opportunity to listen to many accomplished speakers and their life experiences. No matter the background of the speakers, they all had tremendous impacts on their community. This inspired me to constantly think about how I can improve my community through my job or volunteer work. My hope is that more students will be given the opportunity to participate in programs such as Rogers Scholars, so they can learn about the value of investing in our communities.”

Her most memorable experience with Rogers Scholars was meeting former Governor Martha Layne Collins.

“(She) was definitely the most memorable experience,” Yulia said. “As a sophomore in high school I was mesmerized by her unusual career path. It made me believe that I could do anything that I set my mind to.”

In speaking to future Rogers Scholar students, Yulia’s advice is to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

“I would say that it is important to remember that there are endless opportunities,” Yulia said. “Always aim high. Plans can be adjusted if needed. When things go wrong, there is always a learning opportunity, and most importantly, there is an opportunity for improvement. Additionally, I believe that it is extremely important to find a mentor. I was fortunate to find a mentor who has been very honest with feedback that he provides. Due to this continual feedback, I have been able to grow professionally.”

Rogers Scholars is an intensive one-week summer program that provides valuable leadership skills and exclusive college scholarship opportunities for students in Southern and Eastern Kentucky to help seize their potential as the region’s next generation of leaders. The program is available to current high school sophomores in The Center’s 45 county service area.

In addition to leadership experiences, students are eligible to apply for more than $8 million in scholarships at 18 universities across the Commonwealth of Kentucky and 1 in Tennessee. This program is provided at no cost to students and is solely funded by fundraising and donations.

To donate to the Rogers Scholars program, visit or contact Allison Cross at or call 606-677-6019.