Earlier this year, 2019 Rogers Scholar and Clay County High School student John Hubbard recently donated blessing bags filled with hygiene and related items to Warm Souls for Worn Soles, a homeless shelter located in Manchester. He worked with the local school district, volunteers and community organizations to collect items and donations for the blessing bags.

“I think that if you see a homeless person, you should at least give them something,” Hubbard said. “The gifts themselves hopefully add a bit of light to the days of sad, sick or hungry people.”

“I know first-hand how much the Blessing Bags will mean to the homeless individuals in our community and I’m thrilled to help support the Blessing Bag project,” said Mike Stubblefied, Principal at Hacker Elementary.

Each graduate of The Center for Rural Development’s Rogers Scholars program is required to complete a community service project. For more information about Rogers Scholars, visit www.centeryouthprograms.com.