Pulaski County Benchmark Services

2020 Rogers Scholar Macy Daugherty delivers suitcases, backpacks, and duffel bags donated through her “Love Luggage” community service project to Amy Heath of the McCreary County Department for Community Based Services and a representative of the Pulaski County Benchmark Services.

Macy, a junior at McCreary Central High School, started the project to give children in foster care something of their own to transport their belongings. “Many kids arrive at their new foster homes with little to nothing, often packing their things in a garbage bag. It truly breaks my hearts to see what these kids are going through.”

“I believe this is an amazing thing you are doing here Macy. Thank you for thinking of these kids,” said Christina Hollis of the McCreary County Department for Community Based Services.

Each graduate of The Center for Rural Development’s Rogers Scholars program is required to complete a community service project.