When the elders of Lynch Church of God were unable to keep up the church grounds last summer because of COVID-19, 2020 Rogers Scholar Sawyer Cornett decided to step in and provide a needed service.

Sawyer, a student at Harlan County High School, volunteered to take over lawn care of the entire church property during the spring and summer months.

With help from friends and family, he mowed and provided other lawn care services every two weeks for five months using money he received from doing extra chores at home to pay for the gasoline for the mower.

“I took this project very seriously, because this is my home church that I grew up in,” he said. “The elders of the church could not perform these tasks due to COVID. I felt that it was an honor and my duty to help in time of need.”

Each graduate of The Center for Rural Development’s Rogers Scholars program is required to complete a community service project. For more information about Rogers Scholars, visit www.centeryouthprograms.com.