Congratulations! If you received a letter of acceptance for the Week 2 of the 2022 Rogers Scholars program, you are in the right place. Next you will have to fill out the form below. When filling out the form, make sure you have your LWC paperwork that was included in your acceptance packet and provide a copy of the front and back of  your insurance card.

If you have any questions, please contact Allison Cross at or call 606-677-6019 or 606-307-0561.

2022 Rogers Scholars Week 2 Acceptance Paperwork

2022 Rogers Scholars Week 2 Acceptance Paperwork

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Rogers Scholars @ LWC - Acceptance Paperwork

Below is the 2022 Rogers Scholars Acceptance Form for Rogers Scholars Week 2 at Lindsey Wilson College.
Please read this form carefully before submitting as it includes information regarding medical care and rules and regulations for camp.
Please submit the form by the March 23rd deadline. If you do not fill out the form by the deadline, you will forfeit your position in the program.

There are 10 sections on this form. Be prepared for the following:

-Section 1: Contact Information - Your basic information
-Section 2: Parent Information - You will need emergency contact information
-Section 3: Career Pathway Majors - Here you can select your top major preference you would like to attend while at camp.
-Section 4: Important Note to Parent(s)/Guardian(s)
-Section 5: Community Service Requirement
-Section 6: Code and Conduct
-Section 7: Media Release
-Section 8: Health Insurance and Release Form: Upload a front and back copy of your health insurance card.
-Section 9: COVID Liability Release
-Section 10: Upload LWC Paperwork that you received in  your packet.

Section 1: Contact Information

Please use an email that you check on a regular basis.
Please use an email that you check on a regular basis.
Acceptance into the Rogers Scholars Program