2021 Rogers Scholar Caden Clarkson, a student at Monroe County High School, helped organize the 2022 Monroe County Special Olympics for his community service project. He worked with Monroe County special education teacher Hilary Lee to plan the event.

“When thinking about the community service project I wanted to complete, I chose one that was beneficial to my community, as well as something that I am passionate about. That made the decision to assist in the guidance, structure, and planning of the Special Olympics program for our school district an easy one.”

Caden partnered with the school’s Student Technology Leadership Team to raise funds to purchase medallions and food for the event. He also partnered with school officials to create a plan of action and activities for how the day would be lined out and mentored a student who participated in the Special Olympics program.

Graduates of The Center for Rural Development’s Rogers Scholars program are required to complete a community service project. For more information about Rogers Scholars, visit www.centeryouthprograms.com.