Rogers Explorers Application 2021


This application has to be filled out all at once. It CAN’T be saved. First read through the entire application before starting. Before you start this application, make sure you complete the checklist below.

  1. Fill the out with a parent or guardian present so that you have all of the important contact information at hand.
  2. Have your school information including your counselor’s contact information.
  3. Develop a list of Extracurricular Activities that you have completed up until this point. Extracurricular Activities are defined as school-related activities that you are part of in addition to your regular classroom work. This includes school-sponsored clubs, organizations, associations, programs, and athletic teams. Please list your extracurricular activities as they relate to the program’s areas of focus.The categories are Leadership, Technology, and Science and Math.
  4. Develop a list of Community Service Activities that you have completed up until this point. Community Service Activities are defined as those activities that involve your time and volunteer efforts for a community-related group or project. This includes time you put into helping civic organizations, doing community-related church activities, working as a volunteer, or contributing to other community-minded activities. If you have a leadership position or role in any of the activities, please describe that position/role. Paid positions of employment are NOT considered community service activities.
  5. You need three letters of recommendation: 2 from your school & 1 from a community member.
  6. You need to get your grade report from you counselor. You need your 7th grade grade report and as much of your 8th grade year as possible.
  7. Complete the Essay assignment.

PROMPT: The Rogers Explorers program has three main focus areas: Leadership, Community Service, and STEM Career Exploration. Using ALL THREE FOCUS AREAS, explain why you feel you are qualified for the Rogers Explorers program. Important Note: We are not looking for cited sources or references to other written articles. We are interested solely in your point of view. Please make sure the ideas in your essay are written in your own words and are an expression of your own innovative ideas.

RUBRIC: Essays are scored in FOUR areas:

A. Content (30 points):
a. How well does the writer explain how they are qualified for the program using the Leadership focus area? Do they use examples?
b. How well does the writer explain how they are qualified for the program using the Community Service focus area? Do they use examples?
c. How well does the writer explain how they are qualified for the program using the STEM Career Exploration focus area? Do they use examples?

B. Organization (5 points): Did the writing flow smoothly? Are the paragraphs organized? Is there a clear thesis statement? Does the writer bring the essay full circle with a conclusion?

C. Spelling and Grammar (1-5 points): Were all words spelled correctly? Did the student use proper grammar throughout the essay?

D. Formatting (1-5 Points): Did the student follow all of the formatting guidelines?
a. A minimum of one (1) and a maximum of two (2) typewritten pages, double-spaced
b. Font must be 12 pt.
c. Times New Roman
d. All page margins must be ½ inch


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