Rogers Explorers @ Union College – Majors Survey

Rogers Explorers - Union College Majors

Rogers Explorers - Union College Majors

In this form you will select the different majors you will participate in while at the Union College Rogers Explorers camp. Each session will have two options - One will be humanities based and the other will be STEM related. You will select

Session 1 - 8:45 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.

Choice 1 - Checking the Facts

Fact or Fiction? Crazy news or satire? There is a lot of information flying around out there. How can you tell if something is real or fake? Some basic methods for evaluating sources of information and verifying the information will be demonstrated, and you will have the opportunity to practice using these techniques to distinguish fact from fiction.

Choice 2 - Fun with Physics

Explore some amazing phenomena in the world around us in this interactive session. Make a rainbow, freeze water without cooling it, make tea in a paper cup, experiment with motion, and much more. You will also learn a little about the physics underlying what you witness.

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