Rogers Scholars Application

Rogers Scholars Application (2019)

School Information

Choice of Camps

Please choose your preferred program date. Keep in mind dates are not guaranteed. We understand that you may already be committed to other camps or summer programs and will try to accommodate your schedule as much as possible.

Extracurricular Activities (30 Points)

Extracurricular Activities are defined as school-related activities that you are part of in addition to your regular classroom work. This includes school-sponsored clubs, organizations, associations, programs, and athletic teams. Please list your extracurricular activities as they relate to the program’s four areas of focus.

Please limit 10 items per category.

Write the full name of any activity that has an acronym (i.e. write Future Business Leaders of America, not just FBLA).

Please fill out the required fields in the following format:

2016-2018 – Played on Football Team
2017-2018 – Beta Club
2017 – Played on Basketball Team

Leadership (10 Points)

Technology (10 Points)

Entrepreneurship (10 Points)

Community Service Activities (25 Points)

Community Service Activities are defined as those activities that involve your time and volunteer efforts for a community-related group or project. This includes time you put into helping civic organizations, doing community-related church activities, working as a volunteer, or contributing to other community-minded activities. If you have a leadership position or role in any of the activities, please describe that position/role. Paid positions of employment are NOT considered community service activities.

Please limit 12 total items each for both school related and non-school related activities.

Please fill out the required fields in the following format:

2018 – Helped with PRIDE cleanup
2018 – Collected Donations for local food pantry
2017 – Organized a charity 5K run for the homeless

School-Related Community Service Activities

Community Service Activities that are NOT school related.

Rogers Scholars Essay Topic (35 Points)

The Center for Rural Development, KentuckyWired, and various public and private partners expect to complete the statewide broadband project within the next couple of years. This will make it possible for citizens throughout the state of Kentucky to have access to affordable, high-capacity, high-speed broadband. Some areas of Kentucky will even see significant impact in the coming months. Write an essay that answers how having access to quality broadband services will affect your community while focusing on the following topic.

1. Job Creation. How would the KentuckyWired project impact job availability and economic development in your county? Give examples of specific jobs or businesses that would benefit from higher quality broadband services. Important Note: We are not looking for sited sources or references to other written articles. We are interested solely in your point of view. Please make sure the ideas in your essay are written in your own words and are an expression of your own innovative ideas. Additionally, you do not need to go into detail about the definition of KentuckyWired. We are looking for the impact it would have in your community.


Essay Rubric

Essays are scored in five areas:

A. Content (1-10 points): Did the student answer the question? Did they stay on the subject and provide examples relevant to the information requested? Was the essay logical and understandable? Were the answers significant?

B. Insightfulness (1-10 points): To what degree did the student demonstrate a real understanding of the subject matter? Did their writing exemplify intuition and discernment of the task at hand?

C. Creativity (1-5 points): Did the essay demonstrate imagination and originality on the student’s part? Did they provide innovative examples?

D. Spelling and Grammar (1-5 points): Were all words spelled correctly? Did the student use proper grammar throughout the essay?

E. Formatting (1-5 Points): Did the student follow all of the formatting guidelines?
a. A minimum of one (1) and a maximum of two (2) typewritten pages, double-spaced
b. Font must be 12 pt.
c. Times New Roman
d. All page margins must be ½ inch
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB

Academic Performance (10 Points)

You must submit a cumulative (freshman and year to date sophomore year) school transcript along with your program application. Your cumulative grade point average (un-weighted by your school) will be utilized to assess a score on academic performance. Applicants should have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4-point scale.
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB

Letters of Recommendation

Please submit three (3) letters of recommendation with your application. Two (2) of the letters must be typed by an individual who is employed by the school system you attend, and one (1) letter must be typed by someone from your community who is not employed by the school system.

• Family members or relatives may not write letters of recommendation.
• Although this assignment is not worth any points, you will be deducted 5 points for each letter that is not submitted. The letters of recommendation are used as a character assessment for the scoring committee.
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB

Final Assignment

I hereby certify that the information I have provided with this application is accurate and correct, and that the essay I have submitted is my original work. If selected, I agree that I will actively participate in the program for its full duration, and I will abide by the Rogers Scholars Code of Conduct.

Student: Please type your name in the gray box to certify you comply with the statement above.
As parent or legal guardian of the student named on this application, I hereby give my consent for the release of his/her school records to those individuals who manage the Rogers Scholars program and all those involved in the selection process.

Parent: Please type your name in the gray box if you agree with the statement above.

Immediately following the January 24th deadline we will begin the scoring process. This will take some time but we expect to notify ALL applicants of their selection status no later than the first week in April.

Having Trouble?

For any technical questions regarding the application site please contact Allison Cross at 606-677-6019 or email We strive to respond to all request in a timely manner. If your call is unanswered please leave a voicemail with your name and a call back number, along with the issue you are experiencing. Thank you!