We’ve finished the second day of our Rogers Explorers camp at Eastern Kentucky University!

Our scholars began their day in their major courses: technology and chemistry.

In their technology class, students learned about 3D printing. Wes Brown, a software developer for The Center for Rural Development, discussed the importance and rise of 3D printing in today’s society. Students even got the chance to do a little bit of 3D printing themselves. They also discussed social media and digital marketing.

In their chemistry class, Explorers experimented with sand, marbles, and ethanol to demonstrate atoms and molecules and how they interact with each other. Dr. Martin Brock, professor of chemistry at Eastern Kentucky University, discussed matter and the particles that make up an atom with the Explorers.

After their major, our Explorers enjoyed a live video conference with Dr. Laurel Rachmeler, a former Colorado resident and current rocket scientist and solar physicist for NASA at the Marshall Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Our scholars got the chance to ask Dr. Rachmeler questions about her career as an engineer, about space, and how she built her impressive career.

Our Explorers ended their busy day with a delicious etiquette dinner. Our students learned proper manners and etiquette for a formal dinner.

We can’t wait for more fun tomorrow!