Q: What is Rogers Explorers?

A: Rogers Explorers is a 3-day youth leadership program for rising ninth graders throughout Eastern Kentucky. Students spend three days where they will live and learn on a college campus during the summer between their 8th grade and 9th grade year.

Q: How does a student get selected for the program?

A: The Center for Rural Development serves 45 counties throughout Southern and Eastern Kentucky. In an initial round of selection, The Center selects a certain number of students per county based on the top application scores. The number of students selected is determined by the number of partner universities who agree to host the program in a given year.

Q: What grade level do I have to be in?

A: The program is for rising ninth graders, but you apply during your eighth grade year.

Q: What are the academic requirements?

A: You have to have a minimum B average in order to apply.

Q: Do I get a scholarship for participating in this program.

A: Maybe. Only those students who attend the program at Union College receive a scholarship. Union College offers a $2,000 scholar to the Rogers Explorers who specifically attend camp on their campus.

Q: Do I have to be a first generation college student in order to apply?

A: No.

Q: Is the program financially based?

A: No.

Q: Does the program cost anything?

A: No. If you get selected for the program, everything is provided at no cost. You just have to get to and from camp.

Q: Is it an open admission program? Do you automatically get in just by filling out the application?

A: No. It is competitive. With around 400 applications annually, and we select up to a possible 210 students.

Q: Where is the program located?

A: Students attend camp at one of several possible locations. Locations for 2024 have not been confirmed. Locations will be announced in the selections letters in April/May 2024.

Q: Can I attend the program more than once?

A: No.


Q: Can I work on the application directly in Google Classroom or do I have to do it on my own and upload documents.

A: Each assignment has a link that will redirect you to a form on our website where you will upload the requested documents.

Q: What happens when I am done with an assignment on the application?  

A: Make sure to click the “Mark as done” or “Turn it in” button when you are done with an assignment.

Q: What If I realize I’ve made a mistake on an assignment and I’ve already turned it in?

A: You can click “unsubmit” and fix your mistake. Make sure to click the “Mark as done” or “Turn it in” button again when you are done.

Q: My school doesn’t do transcripts. Can I use a grade report?

A: Yes, please provide copies of your annual grade report from 7th grade and as much of 8th grade as possible.

Q: Does my counselor need to sign my transcript?

A: No, but it needs to be in its official form. It needs to include all of your 7th grade year and as much of your 8th grade year as possible.

Q: I only have a B average, should I still apply?

A: Yes. A “B” average is a minimum requirement.  Your academics are worth 5% of your overall application score. Essay (45%), Extracurricular Activities (30%), Community Service (20%), and Academics (5%).

Q: Will I be able to see my application score?

A: No. The Center does not release this information and is only used internally for the selection committee.

Q: How is the selection committee determined?

A: The selection committee is made up of an anonymous committee of judges. The selection process is blinded and all names and identifying information is redacted from the applications prior to selection.

Q: If I select a specific camp location on my application, do I automatically get what I put down?

A: No. We try our best to place students in the location they choose on their application. However, we will not make any guarantees. All selections are final and cannot be changed.

For other questions, contact Amber Decker at adecker@centertech.com or call 606-677-6000.