Community Service Mission

One of the major focus areas of The Center for Rural Development’s Youth Programs is Community Service. Community Service is an important component of all three programs: Rogers Scholars, Rogers Explorers, and the Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute. In order to qualify for each program, students have to have a history of community service activities and they have to participate in a service project while they are at camp. Specifically for Rogers Scholars, upon completion of the program, students have to successfully plan and complete a service project in his or her own county. The ultimate goal is that the service projects benefit each community in our service area as well as the students.

To read about some of the past community service projects, click here:

Community service is an important component of the Rogers Scholars program. In order to fulfill all of the requirements of the Rogers Scholars program and to be eligible for the 19 scholarship offers from our partner colleges and universities, Rogers Scholars are required to successfully plan and complete an approved community service project in his or her home town/county. Community service projects should be planned and implemented in the community in which they live. One of the primary goals is to encourage students to work with community members and leaders.

Students have until June 1st of the following year to complete their project. Once students have completed their project they must fill out the community service form prior to the deadline. To view the form click on the link below.