2018 Rogers Scholar Mack Parsons, a junior at Magoffin County High School, organized a food drive at his high school to help support the Kentucky Mission Bible Training Center for his Rogers Scholars community service project.

2018 Rogers Scholar Mack Parsons of Magoffin County organized a food drive at his high school to help support the Kentucky Mission Bible Training Center.

Parsons, a junior, reached out to students at Magoffin County High School and asked them to help support the project by donating non-perishable food items to the nonprofit faith-based residential treatment center.

“In order to get the students excited about the food drive, the principal granted permission for the first-period classes to be challenged to bring enough food items to cover their classroom doors,” Parsons said. “In return, the classes that achieved the task would be granted a period of enrichment activities at the end of a school day in April.”

The food drive was kicked off in February during a student body assembly. During the month of March, non-perishable food items were collected. Each time a class brought in enough food items to cover the classroom door, an announcement was made over the intercom. Approximately 500 students were involved in the food drive and four classes earned enrichment time.

“The Kentucky Mission Bible Training Center is a nonprofit faith-based residential program that depends on local churches, community members, and other organizations to support us,” said assistant resident director Thomas Martin. We really appreciate the support we received.”

“I enjoyed collecting and delivering the food to the residents of the mission,” Parsons said. “It made me happy to see the residents’ eyes light up when they saw the amount of food that had been donated to them. I am very thankful for the opportunity to organize this food drive.”

Parsons is the son of Mark and Andrea Parsons of Salyersville.