Students at Rogers Explorers started day two off with their major focus areas. Students attended the astronomy class with Dr. Newquist. He provided them with a visual perspective of the solar system with the blow up planetarium. Students discovered several constellations, about the moon’s shadow and how it orbits space, and how long someone could survive in space without oxygen, water, or food.

The second major was chemistry. Students worked with Dr. Jeff Schwartz to conduct several experiments including how to make slime.

The third major was biology with Dr. Hockert. Students learned how to extract DNA from strawberries and bananas.

The students also learned about different personality types after taking a DISC assessment survey. Students worked together in groups and determined how different personality types work together.

After the majors, students attended a presentation on aerospace careers in Kentucky by JPL Ambassadors Bo Lowery and Dr. Kathy Lowery. Students learned about the many different aerospace-related careers available in Kentucky.


Students capped off their day with leisure time and snacks.