Kelsie Hammons

2018 Rogers Scholar Kelsie Hammons of McCreary County organized a community fundraiser to support St. Jude Children’s Cancer Research Hospital and Ronald McDonald House for her community service project.

Hammons, a graduate of The Center for Rural Development’s Rogers Scholars program, personally contacted local businesses in McCreary County asking them to financially support or donate items to “A Helping Hand” fund-raising project.

Earlier this year, she raised $625 in monetary donations and more than $1,500 worth of donated items for the St. Jude Children’s Cancer Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, and Ronald McDonald House in Lexington, KY.

“I have been fortunate enough to have gotten to experience what it is like to help others around me who are in need,” said Hammons, a student at McCreary Central High School. “I am overjoyed to have had the privilege of helping such great organizations.”

Hammond partnered with Outdoor Venture Corp., Daugherty’s Drug Store, Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance, Rite Aid, United Cumberland Bank, and Stephens Lumber Yard to make her Rogers Scholars community service project a reality.

“We feel very blessed and fortunate to have the opportunity to give to such a great cause,” said one of the donors. “Many of us have been impacted by the devastation cancer causes. I count it a privilege to be able to help children and their families as they continue through these journeys.”

Hammons said she is blessed to have been able to make an impact on people’s lives with a single act of kindness.

“This has inspired me to be more active in helping others in my community who are less fortunate,” she said. “Thank you to the Rogers Scholars program and The Center for Rural Development for encouraging me to help my community and the lives of those around me.”

Hammons is the daughter of Steve Hammons and Stacey Hammons of Pine Knot.