2018 Rogers Scholar Kyle McComis, in partnership with Paul G. Blazer High School Science National Honor Society, organized a toy drive for children of the Shriners Hospital.

McComis, a graduate of The Center for Rural Development’s Rogers Scholars program, planned a community toy drive to help lift the spirits of children hospitalized at the Shriners Hospital for his community service project.

The Paul G. Blazer High School student has a passion for Shriners Hospitals and the work they do in the lives of children and their families because he was once a patient.

“I know from personal experience when you have been diagnosed with a life-changing disease, like all of these kids have, it means so much for someone to go out of their way to show you God’s love,” he said. “This project meant a lot to me, because I was able to help a lot of less-fortunate kids.”

Thanks to club members, 95 toys were donated and delivered to the Shriners Hospital.

“This has been an incredible project that Kyle has led,” said Justin Imel, teacher and sponsor of the school’s Science National Honor Society. “Throughout the toy drive, many children received toys they would have never gotten otherwise.”

McComis is the son of Lance and Jennifer McComis of Cattlettsburg.